The project of cement kiln waste heat power boiler will be successfully shipped to Hubei.


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With the roar of the car, Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd, XINGYANG factory is a pretty busy on October 12.The two sets of cement kiln waste heat power generation AQC boilers and SP boilers which are used for Cement kiln waste heat recovery are ready for loading,and they will be transported to YunXi County, Hubei Province .

Energy saving and emission reduction, low carbon life” is one of the key points of the national industrial policy. During the calcining process of the cement kiln clinker,the exhaust gas waste heat produce steam,without additional energy consumption,with the starting and stopp“ing of the cement kiln.It not only saves energy, but also contributes to environmental protection. It can also improve the market competitiveness of enterprises and expand the profitability of products.

The project not only continued the unique core technology and detail design of ZBG waste heat boiler, but also breaking the conventional method of waste heat boiler bulk cargo shipping.The parts of AQC boiler and SP boiler are adopting the entirety bulk cargo shipping.Economizer, super-heater and convection tube adopt the box structure. The products can be installed in place when the products are sent to the site, which greatly reduces the installation period of the project.

It is reported that two sets of waste heat recovery boilers will be applied in the project of new dry process cement clinker production line,which is one of the local “200 million” key projects. The project's production technique is in line with national standards 2500t/d new dry precalcining cement clinker production technology , type of low heat consumption kiln , waste heat comprehensive utilization, energy saving process equipment and other advanced mature energy conservation and the measure of resource comprehensive utilization.

For a long time, seeing that the large amount of waste heat energy in various industrial sectors appear a lot of empty in our country various industries, it causes serious waste and pollution to the atmospheric environment.For a long time,it is under this background that ZBG waste heat boiler is constantly seeking development, striving to realize the unlimited use of limited energy, and continuously exploring to reduce the harm to the environment. The development of circular economy has a long way to go. Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd will be always adhere to the "symbiosis with the environment" and walk with customers all the way!

The project of cement kiln waste heat power boiler will be successfully shipped to Hubei.



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