UC New Energy Professor Yang Yang's Visit to ZG



On March 24,a distinguished guest from afar,the famous new energy professor Yang Yang at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) came to ZG.Professor Yang Yang, accompanied by the chairman of ZG,visited and guided the plant,and given full affirmation to the development of ZG renewable energy boiler.

It is understood that Professor Yang Yang is an internationally renowned expert of organic semiconductor / conjugated polymer optoelectronic devices (including organic light-emitting diodes and organic solar cells, etc.),a professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of California,Los Angeles (UCLA),the director of nano renewable energy center in California nanosystems institute.He has created a number of high-efficiency world record in the field of organic solar cells.In 2014,the laboratory,under his leadership,has a breakthrough in the photoelectric conversion efficiency of Perovskite solar cells,the highest efficiency can reach 19.3%,is considered as the highest in this field.

Professor Yang Yang,first came to the production workshop,learned something about the products and production processes of ZG,gave full affirmation to the environmental protection boiler technology put into operation,pointed out that the boilers fueled with renewable energy industry is a trend in the future,ZG biomass pellet boilers and waste heat boilers are model in the field of renewable energy equipment.

Professor Yang Yang pointed out: "science and technology change everything, the enterprise in the process of operation,must continuously improve the production,improve the product quality,so as to make the enterprise thriving."Subsequently,Professor Yang Yang came to our company's electricity business department,technology center and other departments to learn the staff work situation and had a cordial conversation with the employees: "In the course of work,must be prudent and practical,and actively develop more boilers with independent property rights.

Professor Yang Yang of this trip is an affirmation and inspiration in the long time research and development of new energy boiler, also shows the confidence of ZG which becomes a leader in boiler industry,and actively cooperate with environmental protection energy experts.In the future,ZG will will be full of attitude with you to create a better tomorrow.

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