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The ZG specialise in autoclave design, project management, manufacture and installation, backed up by excellent technical support and efficient after sales support.


America ASME standards, Cost-effective, Energy conservation and environmental protection

  • ZG independently developed top-opening autoclave that can be configured to auto-control system, and the autoclave door opening and closing movements of pressure within the reactor fully automated, reducing labor costs, increase security and improve the quality of steam-cured products.

  • Side-opening autoclave's transportation, installation and post-use process are quite convenient.ZG has advanced product design, manufacturing rigorous; pipeline operations, quality and stability.

  • Electric-opening autoclave structure simple, low operating, open light, and the use of worm reducer, with self-locking effect. manufactured by ZG with more 60 years of history, leading the world advanced technology in recent years.

  • ZG developed pneumatic-opening autoclave widely used in aerated concrete block, pipe, sand-lime brick, fly ash bricks, new lightweight wall materials, asbestos insulation, high strength plaster and other building materials autoclave curing. ZG also pass through the test of ASME and ISO 9001.

  • Hydraulic-opening Autoclave represents the highest level of autoclave industry currently, because of automatical opening door technology which reduced the human cost and maintenance charge. Hydraulic-opening autoclave will become the leader of this product.

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